The OfficeZilla Team: On the Front Lines and Behind the Scenes

The OfficeZilla community includes a full support team at OfficeZilla HQ, and our network of dealers across the nation. Together we make OfficeZilla the best in the office products franchise arena!

The OfficeZilla HQ Team

  • Accounting: From margin splits to customer billing, our Accounting Department safeguards all of OfficeZilla's transactions to insure that our dealers receive the support they deserve.
  • Customer Service: Our team of dedicated Customer Service representatives is on call during business hours to help both our dealer network and their customers get things done! From placing orders to asking for special quotes, our team goes above and beyond to take care of the individuals that form the backbone of our business.
  • Franchise Training: We provide our franchisees with training on our technology platform, as well as proven techniques that allow them to reach their sales goals.
  • Development: Our team of software developers create tools to help our dealer network perform better, while giving our website the cutting-edge technology that makes OfficeZilla an industry leader.
  • Marketing: Our marketing team creates promotional emails, liaisons with manufacturers, and creates marketing pieces that support our dealer network's sales efforts.
  • Leadership: Building relationships with industry leaders and manufacturers, negotiating with providers on our dealers' behalf, and forging new connections in our dealer's hometowns are just some of the steps our leadership team takes to improve the OfficeZilla dealer experience!

Our Dealer Network

  • From coast to coast, our dealers range from independent stores in small towns to multi-member teams in large cities.
  • Each dealer receives ongoing, customized support from all the teams at OfficeZilla HQ to help their business grow!
  • Our support system frees up our dealers to focus on the most important part of owning a business—treating customers well.