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Current Dealers - OfficeZilla®

OfficeZilla provides independent OP dealers the support you need to grow and thrive across all aspects of your business.
Build your business with confidence.
Having strategic industry partnerships, razor sharp cost files, an industry-leading technology platform, and a full administrative support team will give you the confidence you need to compete... even against big box and online competitors.
Grow your sales.
Leverage OfficeZilla's full suite of digital and print marketing campaigns, along with simple, easy-to-use sales tools, to present new categories and increase customer engagement.
Improve customer experience.
Give your customers the very best B2B e-commerce experience available! Give them the speed, ease of use, reliability, and procurement tools that are proven to win over new customers and inspire loyalty in existing customers.
OfficeZilla's dealers enjoy more time to focus on developing their businesses and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Our powerful "Dashboard" makes routing orders, building quotes, and managing margins quick and easy, while our dedicated team works behind the scenes to take care of technology, billing, returns, refunds, and more.
Evolve your sales approach.
Buyers today appreciate a partner who knows how to provide value. We'll give you tools and coaching to identify value opportunities for your buyers that dierentiate you from even your strongest competitors.
There's strength in numbers.
Be in business for yourself... Without being by yourself. Exchange ideas and stay abreast of industry trends through our private, interactive platform and via live dealer webinars. Take advantage of available one-on-one coaching sessions related to sales, margin management, and more.