Industry Facts

This is a $200B+ industry in the U.S. alone.


Estimate (in billions)

General Office Products


Office Furniture


Janitorial / Breakroom Products


Computer Consumables


Industrial Supplies


Office Products — 34.6%
Office Products include paper, ink, filing supplies, pens, pencils, etc. All of these items are consumable which means that most customers purchase at least monthly. We carry the brands your customers already know and love including Sharpie, Post-it, Hammermill and Avery. In addition, you’ll have access to great quality house brands which save your customers money and offer a larger margin opportunity to you!

Office Furniture — 15.9%
Sure, this includes basic desks, task chairs and filing cabinets. But think further! This category also includes cubicle systems, fire proof safes, lecterns, conference room tables, coat racks and break room lockers!

Janitorial / Breakroom — 11.1%
Think about everything you store in the breakroom, from dish soap, cups, coffee and snacks for the break room, to paper towels and toilet tissue for the restroom! Again, all of these items are consumable for repeat revenue!

Computer Consumables — 27.9%
This category is primarily comprised of ink and toner. Check out our Ink & Toner Finder and you’ll see the amazing breadth and depth of supplies you are able to provide. Nothing will prompt your customers to order quite like that message on the printer that says, “Toner low! Replace soon!”

Industrial Supplies — 10.6%
This is a growing category for OfficeZilla. We carry tens of thousands of SKUs including the basics like hand trucks, work gloves, small tools, sprayers, 6 and 8 foot ladders, and even jig saws! We also sell welding rods, bonded abrasives and other things that appeal to your inner Tim Allen.

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