Take the Big Leap Without the Big Risk

Own your business, but focus on your strengths.
OfficeZilla provides a turnkey solution for sales professionals. You know sales inside and out—how to work leads, get referrals, and keep your accounts happy and profitable. But running your own business in any field can be a tricky proposition, especially in the OP industry! It takes deep supplier relationships, solid credit, a great ecommerce platform with a robust back end, billing, accounting, tax resources, customer service support, digital marketing and so much more. And bootstrapping all of that takes a lot of time and money...but there's a better way.
Be independent without being alone.
OfficeZilla provides a turnkey solution for sales professionals to get into the business with a low initial investment, and to grow your footprint at your own pace! You can start by working from home with our no-inventory, drop-ship model that boasts some of the most competitive transportation rates in the industry. Add delivery and/or inventory only when you're ready.
Find a faster path to market.
You will have instant and complete access to everything you need to outsell and out serve the competition in your market, online and nationwide! The best part is that you get to focus on what you do best, while OfficeZilla takes care of the rest.
We give you the tools you need to succeed including merchant authorizations, billing, accounting, customer service, marketing, vendor management, and a complete, turnkey ecommerce platform—so your business is up and running quickly and you can do what you do best—sell.